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A Memorable Funeral

It’s right of every person to celebrate each and every moments of life. Life is all about to making memories. Each and every aspect of life should be memorized is the right of a person. Funeral is a part of event in life and every family tries to make it memorable. Funeral is a celebration of last destination of corpse. Making funeral memorable is the right of every person; blow some points have been mentioned for making funeral memorable:

Ideas for making funeral memorable:          

  • Funeral is a difficult and stressful time for a family. It’s a grief to loss a person forever.
  • Playing favourite songs of corpse can make the funeral memorable. Some churches do not allow playing untraditional song while funeral celebration but if you play favourite song of corpse then it will be a joyful and memorable funeral.
  • After funeral flowers have been thrown as a waste but if you re-use the flower and put it with the picture frame of corpse; it will remain memorable for long time.
  • Books are great source of knowledge, so if you distribute favourite books of corpse then you are making it memorable: not just for you but also for receivers of book.
  • Order service outlets and distribute among participants. The service outlets should consist of at least one photo or a collection of photos of corpse.
  • Fireworks consider as a special tribute for any celebration. At funeral if we lit some fireworks then it should give us a memorable moment.
  • Distribution of chocolates and bars at funeral and serve favourite dishes of loved one add great pleasure in funeral and make it memorable forever.
  • Arrange an open mice session for corpse so everyone can share its memories with dead person.
  • Lit a candle and giving tribute to your loved one is an especial kind of celebration to make funeral memorable. A little candle can add hundreds of thousands memorable moments.
  • Plant a tree is also a part of celebration and creating memories. As long the plant remains the person also remain as memory in world. Planting tree in honour of a person is a great way to make life memorable.
  • Release a dove as a part of funeral for showing affection, care and peace about person.
  • Mourners should ask donation instead of flowers to make life memorable.
  • Giving packets of seed is also a part to make cremation
  • Arrange budget funerals Mornington Peninsula and donate charity to poor and vulnerable people.

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